Daniele Brajuka

In 1973, Daniele Brajuka founded “Teatro Instabile di Varese” (Unstable Theatre of Varese), which, together with the “Gruppo di Ricerca Teatrale” (Theatrical Research Group) was the first experimental theatre group in Varese. Unstable Theatre became the first professional theatre group in Varese Province, and still exists today, with headquarters in Paulilatino, and with the name “Teatro Instabile di Oristano”. In 1981, Daniele joined the “Granserraglio” Theatre Cooperative, in Turin. In 1984, he began teaching a theatre course for the town of Varese (VareseCorsi). Still today, every year, he teaches a theatre course for adults. Daniele became a member of Como’s “Città Murata” Theatre Cooperative, and took part, as an actor, in: “Conigli sull’acqua” (Rabbits on the water), based on John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men”, directed by Luciano Nattino (which was selected as the best play in the “Segnali” theatre season in 1992, and was nominated for the “ETI” and “Stregagatto” Awards in 1992/1993); “Gioco al Massacro” by F. Blanc, directed by Bruno Stori (which was nominated for the “Progetto giovani” ETI Award in 1998, and was a finalist for the Stregagatto award in 1997/1998); “Prima che il Gallo Canti” (Before the Cock Crows), based on the tales of Cesare Pavese, directed by Marco Baliani (which was nominated for the ETI and Stregagatto Awards in 1994/1995, and was winner of the IDI Award in 1995). He has taken part in numerous tours on all of the theatre circuits in Italy, and in Switzerland, France, Germany and Belgium. Since 2000, he has been the artistic director of the “Teatro Elidan” Cultural Association.


Gianluca Solera

Gianluca Solera is the author of “Muri, lacrime e za’tar. Storie di vita e voci dalla Palestina” (Walls, tears and za’tar. Life stories and voices from Palestine), published in Italy by “Nuova Dimensione” (2009, 440 pages, 2nd ed.), an extraordinary journey among places and people who, every day, experience the consequences of the segregationand occupation of that land.
Born in Riva del Garda in 1966, to a Sephardic family, Gianluca studied in Venice, Paris and Berlin, and was a political adviser for the Green Party-European Free Alliance, in the European Parliament, from 1995 to 2004. As a result of his political commitment, in Europe, and in the Spanish civil society, promoting environmental protection, and the sustainable use of water, he was awarded the Individual Prize by the Fundación Nueva Cultura del Agua, in 2004.
A town planner by training, he has been a non-professional theatre actor, and he co-produced the play “Come fu ucciso Umberto Eco” (How Umberto Eco was killed), based on Giorgio Celli’s novel of the same name.
Since April 2005, Gianluca has lived and worked in Alessandria, in Egypt, as the coordinator of the networks of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for dialogue between cultures, which promotes activities that support projects for intercultural dialogue and reciprocal understanding, in 44 countries in the region. He has promoted specific initiatives (Restore the Trust, Rebuild the Bridges, which was launched after the last war in Gaza (2009), and Believe in Dialogue, Act for Citizenship, which was launched after the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions), in support of the civil society that mobilises for reconciliation, the non-violent resolution of conflicts and intercultural coexistence, and civil liberties .
Gianluca collaborates on the Mediterranean online magazine, Babelmed. His publications include “La città sostenibile. Analisi, scenari e proposte per un’ecologia urbana in Europa” (The sustainable city. Analyses, scenarios and proposals for urban ecology in Europe) (with M. Alberti and V. Tsetsi), published by Franco Angeli Publ., Milan/Rome, 1994; “Sviluppo sostenibile e città: ragionando sul futuro di Napoli” (Sustainable development and cities: thoughts on the future of Naples) (with B. Cillo), published by CLEAN Publ., Naples, 1996; “Di città in città. Poesie sull'Europa” (From town to town. Poems on Europe), published by Libroitaliano Publ., Ragusa, 1995. He is currently working on a book about the Arab Spring.


Ermanno Librasi

Ermanno Librasi is a classically-trained clarinettist (he studied with, among others, Maestro Massimo Teora, the first clarinet of the group “I Pomeriggi Musicali”, in Milan), who subsequently concentrated on jazz, and the saxophone, with Paolo Tomelleri and Emanuele Cisi.
At the beginning of the ’90s, like many artists who perform improvisation, he began studying ethnic music, as a way to finding a common language to bring together different musical cultures. He has collaborated with various multiethnic groups, devoting himself to the playing of musical instruments that belong to the Arabic, Turkish and Persian traditions, including the Zurna, Kaval, Duduk and Ney. He composed and arranged the repertoire of the group Armonia Mundi, on the CDs “Cigana” (Aria, 1998) and “Baladi” (Mingus, 1999). Together with the Tehran musician, Darioush Madani, he founded “Ensemble Karevan” which, among other things, is going to accompany the writer Younis Tawfik, during the presentations of his book “La Straniera” (The Foreigner), which has been published in Italy by Bompiani. Ermanno performs with the German group Embryo, with whom he recorded a suite, in which the Chinese erh-hu virtuoso, Xizhi Nie, also took part.
With Zakaria Aouna, a percussionist from Rabat, he created Sahara Karevan, which performs Arabic-Andalusian music, with belly dancing. In 2002, he met Fakhraddin Gafarov, a virtuoso on the Azerbaijani Tar, and former director of the National Conservatory, in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. The outcome of this meeting was the Ensemble Sharg Uldusù (Star of the Orient), which has performed a selection of melodies of the Near and Middle East, in numerous concerts, in Italy and abroad, and recorded the CDs “Sarevan” (Nuvole in Viaggio, 2004) “Sahara Karevan” (SK, 2005) and “Ghel Ghel” (SK, 2008).
He has composed, and performed live, several soundtracks for silent films restored by the National Film Library of Bologna, and music for several theatre companies.

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