The name Elidan, was created, in 1998, to indicate a new theatre organisation in the Province of Varese, and, at the beginning of 1999, it became a group that not only organised shows, but also produced them, taking in actors and directors from top level professional groups. In the last few years, some Elidan actors have worked on shows with important Italian groups, like the “Teatro Città Murata”, in Como, and the “Cooperativa Granserraglio Torino” and “Cabaret Voltaire”, in Turin. Others have taken part in productions with actors and directors of important Italian companies, such as Marco Baliani, Bruno Stori, Gyula Mollnar, Gaetano Sansone, Luciano Nattino, Ricky Ferrero, and Coco Leonardi, and with film actors and directors, such as Max Cavallari, Roberta Torre, Ettore Imparato and Francesca Archibugi. Some of the productions, in which Daniele Brajuka participated as an actor, were finalists in prestigious Italian theatre competitions, such as the IDI Award, the Stregagatto Award, the ETI Award, Altri Percorsi, and Segnali.

Elidan (Daniele Brajuka and Elisa Renaldin) organises theatrical reviews, events and murder mystery dinners, and, in addition to theatre workshops, runs courses and training periods with a goal to personal growth. The training that the founders have received includes courses and training periods with teachers of Italian and international renown, including Roul Consonni (Piccolo Teatro, in Milan), Bred & Puppet Theatre, Gaetano Sansone (a teacher at the Paolo Grassi School and at the School of Cinema, in Milan), Michael Margotta and Dominique De Fazio (life members of the Actors Studio) and the Compagnia Abbondanza Bertoni.

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